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Have you ever bought a train ticket from a ticket vending machine or via the app? Do you sometimes check the train schedules on the screens in the stations? If so, you have already come across Ypto without knowing it. There is indeed an Ypto collaborator behind every SNCB screen.

As SNCB’s IT company, we ensure that the Belgian railways continue to move forward and that you, as a train passenger, can travel in a modern and optimal way.

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More about who we are

Tim Appeltants,
Application Owner at Ypto

Ypto gives me the freedom to fulfil my role independently with my personal experience and expertise. At Ypto, you are appreciated not only for your abilities, but also for your personality. The mutual trust is great.

More about what we do

Our job areas

To achieve its mission, Ypto can count on in-house IT specialists in various fields, ranging from cybersecurity and IT architecture to ERP implementations and analytics. We can also count on the “IT problem solvers” and the people who ensure that the IT projects are brought to a successful conclusion. So there is an area for every IT professional.

Our achievements

Ypto works as the SNCB IT department on many projects. Together with our SNCB colleagues and TCS, our IT partner, we are digitising and innovating the travel experience of some 250 million passengers and the work experience of 17,500 SNCB collaborators. Eager to know about the projects we are working on? Here is a selection of our numerous realisations!

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Vacancies in the spotlight

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