As SNCB’s IT company, Ypto solves IT problems and designs new digital solutions. We always do this in close cooperation with our customer, SNCB. The digital transformation of the Belgian railways is our ultimate goal. It has an impact on all train passengers as well as on all SNCB collaborators.

Our staff is made up of specialists who have a knowledge of IT and of the complex SNCB organisation. Together we take on challenging and innovative projects in which the trust, the self-management and the sense of initiative occupy a central position. A place to grow and to make a difference on both ecological and social level: that is what Ypto is all about.

Our achievements

Ypto works as the SNCB IT department on many projects. Together with our SNCB colleagues and TCS, our IT partner, we are digitising and innovating the travel experience of some 250 million passengers and the work experience of 17,500 SNCB collaborators. Eager to know about the projects we are working on? Here is a selection of our numerous realisations!


the Advanced Train Management System

Almost 4,000 SNCB passenger trains travel through our country every day. A lot of (real-time) data is needed to make that traffic as smooth as possible. As SNCB’s IT company, Ypto plays a major role in this. There are currently several distinct applications to collect and provide this data. All of them operate independently of each […]

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SAP: the basis of SNCB processes

Everyone within SNCB will at some time or another come into contact with the SNCB SAP applications which ensure that all the tasks of our collaborators are planned, executed and registered so that reports on these tasks can also be issued. The SAP applications are the supporting layer of many SNCB business processes. or example, […]

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A dedicated training platform for each SNCB collaborator

Both Ypto and SNCB attach great importance to offering additional training. That is why Ypto, in collaboration with SNCB, has ensured that, on YouTrain, each SNCB collaborator has their own platform where they can find all information on training courses in a centralised manner. This way, each collaborator can check which training courses are relevant […]

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HR questions answered by Norio

SNCB collaborators who have HR-related questions can ask them to the Norio chatbot. Norio is available via Microsoft Teams, the SNCB intranet as well as MyApps and can be used 24/7. The chatbot will initially be used to help the HR department answering HR-related questions asked by SNCB collaborators. This way, the HR department is […]

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Our events

As the IT company of the Belgian railways, we like to keep innovating.
One way we do this is through our events, which allow us to come up with new ideas or share our experiences.


Jamal Amqrane,
IT Security Officer at Ypto

What I like about Ypto is that things are not static. Ypto and SNCB are constantly evolving. After a few years at Ypto, I have seen a lot of improvements, both in the processes and in the overall security. And I am proud to have participated and to still participate day after day. Together, we ensure the protection of SNCB, its collaborators and its customers.

More about what we do

Vacancies in the spotlight

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