The Lost & Found app is specifically designed for train managers and ticket office staff to fully automate the process of registering and matching a lost item. Thanks to this app, lost items can be returned more quickly and there is a higher success rate. In addition, the app has also been made accessible on mobile devices, so that train managers and depot staff can also use it.

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SAP: the basis of SNCB processes

Everyone within SNCB will at some time or another come into contact with the SNCB SAP applications which ensure that all the tasks of our collaborators are planned, executed and registered so that reports on these tasks can also be issued. The SAP applications are the supporting layer of many SNCB business processes. or example, […]

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A dedicated training platform for each SNCB collaborator

Both Ypto and SNCB attach great importance to offering additional training. That is why Ypto, in collaboration with SNCB, has ensured that, on YouTrain, each SNCB collaborator has their own platform where they can find all information on training courses in a centralised manner. This way, each collaborator can check which training courses are relevant […]

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HR questions answered by Norio

SNCB collaborators who have HR-related questions can ask them to the Norio chatbot. Norio is available via Microsoft Teams, the SNCB intranet as well as MyApps and can be used 24/7. The chatbot will initially be used to help the HR department answering HR-related questions asked by SNCB collaborators. This way, the HR department is […]

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Smooth digital communication network in stations and workshops

The radio project has allowed some 2,000 SNCB collaborators to be reached much more easily. Thanks to Motorola’s DMR technology, users can now communicate from much greater distances: within stations, between stations, with signal boxes, via the Internet and even across different sites throughout Belgium. There are fewer sources of interference during radio calls and […]

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