A well-received platform for onboarding, recruitment and evaluation at SNCB is SAP SuccessFactors.

  • The onboarding of new colleagues goes much smoother. SNCB collaborators can contact their hiring manager and buddy before they actually start at SNCB. Besides, thanks to his new platform, a large part of the paperwork can be done digitally beforehand and the new collaborator can already go through some e-learning to prepare for the job. This eases new collaborators’ onboarding day and allows them to better prepare and to be integrated faster.
  • Internal mobility at SNCB has been managed for some time through SuccessFactors Recruiting Management. From the end of March 2021, external recruitments will also be managed there. The external SNCB jobsite was also built via SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing and has been managed by Ypto since then. Every year, SNCB is faced with the challenge of attracting more than 1,000 new collaborators. A smooth and positive candidate experience is key. Why not take a look at sncb.be/jobs?
  • In order to evaluateSNCB collaborators, the YouGrow project was launched. Its aim was to set up positive and sustainable performance management. While SNCB collaborators used to have to fill in their evaluation and objectives in Excel forms, a large proportion of the staff can now do this easily in the YouGrow application. With everything in a single application, it is easier to gather information and to use it to make better talent management decisions. In addition, more regular feedback can be given.

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