Ypto’s Purchasing team is responsible for acquiring the works, good and services Ypto needs to support its operations. All our purchases are made in compliance with the public procurement legislation.

Purchase of digital services

To carry out its assignments, Ypto regularly enlists digital service providers specialised in ICT, project management, administrative support, etc.

For this purpose, Ypto has established a qualification system. Are you as a provider interested in offering services at Ypto? Then you need to meet our requirements to be included in the qualification system. As a qualified supplier, you will be notified when Ypto launches a new call for tenders.

How to qualify?

Follow the next steps:

Documents that are not filled in correctly (no reference, not signed by an authorised person) will not be accepted.

Need more information?

For more information, contact Ypto’s Purchasing team at contracting@belgiantrain.be.